Sonnet: The Donald’s Nightmare

Sharks! Land Sharks? What tyrant God gave sharks legs? I pity the man who sees them and begs I’d fight a land shark and it would beg me To spare his wretch life and set the sharks free.   I wouldn’t spare them, I’d trap them! You’ll see! Uh oh! I think the damn sharks... Continue Reading →

Response to: On Holiday

My response to the post: On Holiday   I’ve been in a cottage in Skye now for three days. A holiday that was almost cancelled at the ninth, tenth, and eleventh hour. Yet one which thankfully went ahead. After mum passed in September, we had no choice but to pull together as a family. This... Continue Reading →

Personal Blog: On Holiday

Rational Darren: Okay time to get some work done Holiday Darren: Oh yeah sure, but first I’ll build a fire. Rational Darren: A fire, but it’s the middle of the day…okay, but just a little one. Holiday Darren: Sure, sure, then I’ll get right to work. Rational Darren: Great, that’s lit, let’s get going… Holiday... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Fire

During that first hour the fire is too cold, Starting small with paper and dry kindling, It’s not too long before they start dwindling. Add coals and logs, have patience, and behold,   As the fire consumes watch the flames grow gold. As each log burns, I watch as it turns black Then white. Knowing... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Brexit

It’s about time. We have waited ages, For five hundred and eighty-five pages. We waited for answers to help explain, Why we are leaving, instead of remain.   The Conservative manipulation, Two years waiting for clarification Beyond, “Brexit means Brexit” on repeat That stale rhetoric our countries defeat.   “The People have spoken” but now... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Chris McQueer

I met Chris McQueer, that boy is a lad I showed some of his stories to my dad. His chuckles soon turned to roars of laughter, I have no doubts McQueer is a master   Of dark satire, and the use of Scot’s tongue, Even in darkness, he retains the fun. His anecdotal, gifted perception,... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Crafting a Sonnet

I wanted to craft the perfect sonnet So learning the rules I got right on it. Rhyming couplets or tetrametric form, Neither unusual, either the norm.   And then, Iambic pentameter. Try it, Ten syllables per line makes sure it fits. Traditionalists would reference love, Nature, or a belief in God above.   These are... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Struggle

One of the hardest things I have to do, Is admit when I am finding it tough. I would rather struggle ever onward, When life gets harder, or when feeling rough.   If I stop, I may throw in the towel Giving up not just the worst, but the best Of me. I feel as... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Ronnie O’Sullivan

Ronnie O’Sullivan. A Snooker God. He plays the table and leaves you awed With furrowed brow, he prowls toward the green, He paces, seeing shots that have not been.   And then with care, he starts to play his game. Each shot perfectly played he earns his name: The Rocket. Watching him I’m in heaven... Continue Reading →

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