Free Verse: Have You Ever Been Lost?

Have you ever been lost? I remember a time With my parents For the life of me, I don’t remember when or where. What I do remember Is the moment I looked around And realised I was alone. In the middle of a busy crowd Of course I wasn’t alone. Yet the people Were part... Continue Reading →


Free Verse: Why I Write

I write For all the wrong reasons. I have So much within me That I want to write, But never feel able To transfer to paper. When I am at my best I throw myself Into all things Which require it, Leaving no time For something As trivial as writing. When I’m busy Writing feels... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: The Truth

It's hard To be honest with yourself, When the truth Comes from a painful place. I am unhappy. I have been For a very long time. I have repressed For so long the things That I find difficult. And now that I have Acknowledged this truth, I cannot ignore it, Any longer. Too long already... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: Ongoing Stories

I think A lot, I overthink, A lot. I cling To certain thoughts And Mantras In my day to day life, Not by choice But by an unexplainable Obsessive need to repeat them. I enjoy Stories, and for years An escape technique Was to create Stories in my head. I remember Being an imaginative child,... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: Repent From A High

Forcing down Those last sips of Gin, What had been A powerful high, Suddenly halted. The High had been Amazing; I had been lucid And aware, Egocentric And oblivious, Social and internal, Simultaneously. The moment. That sudden occurring Of the mood-killing, Sobering seconds in time. I suddenly feel Self-conscious And over-powered By my own self-doubt.... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: Stress

Stress I’m feeling it today. Tension I didn’t feel myself carrying Until it was over. When I’m stressed, I revert to old behaviours. Old coping mechanisms. If I catch myself, Early, I can usually find my focus again. I lost my focus, And I slipped Into old behaviour. Newfound resolves, Too new to know When... Continue Reading →

A Poem: How The Fuck?

How the fuck, Did she survive? Just like Brexit She refuses to die. Like a cockroach Crawling on parliament floor She may be the leader, But the woman’s a bore. “The worst thing I did? Why running through wheat.” She says to the nation, Pretending she’s sweet. But if ever this woman, Was sweet, now... Continue Reading →

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