Haiku: Perfect Poetry

Haiku by design; Five-seven-five structure makes Perfect poetry.


Sonnet: Science-Fiction

I would rather it were science-fiction, Than painfully, profound reality. I cannot believe that the world if free, When Poverty, seems like an addiction. Living from one pay-check to the next one, Is a societal sickness. Disagree? When Rent over Food is necessity. How can one plan for what is to come? Recklessly destroyed resources... Continue Reading →

Picture Prompt:  Help

2019 © DS Coremans The Challenge:  Using today’s picture as inspiration write a poem or piece of flash-fiction (Max. Word Count: 500).  Add your entry to the comments section, and I will add it to the main post, along with a direct link to your blog or website if you have one. About Today’s Picture: ... Continue Reading →


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