Personal Blog: Challenge Accepted

As most of the regular followers (as I understand it, there are some out there, do feel free to say 'Hi' sometime) of Forever Distracted by Life know I have in the last few months been bitten by the poetry bug. Having never really engaged with poetry beyond the mandatory level of academia as presented... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Fearless II

Fearless I walk towards my fate, My destination is unknown. Decisions often made too late, Create actions hard to atone. Fearless I walk towards A decisive moment, Cutting as though with swords, The chance at bestowment. Fearless I walk, Though I should run From those who talk, And hurt someone. Fearless, I will wait. I... Continue Reading →

(Freeform) Zanze: Fearless

Fearless, I walk towards my fate. Feeling like a person condemned, To exist, but never to live Every step forwards a struggle Fearless I walk towards An as yet undefined Future without action Is reactive living Fearless I walk And with each step I am closer To an ending Fearless My life, so far, Nought... Continue Reading →

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