Zanze: Last Year’s Sparrow

Last year’s Sparrow has returned plump

Egg heavy, she builds her first nest

No rest until every lump

Is removed, and her nest is best.

Last year’s Sparrow returned

She looks now for a first lover

Eager to show what she has learned

And ready to be a mother

Last year’s Sparrow

Sits on her eggs

Under narrow

Feathers and legs

Last year’s

Home now a stump

The Sparrow has no fears

Last year’s Sparrow has returned plump


Shout out to for her amazing prompt, ‘Last year’s Sparrow has returned plump’.

I really enjoyed writing this. 😊

Zanze: Help

I want nothing more than to ask

For help, yet I have no idea

How to start this most painful task

As I must acknowledge my fear

I want nothing more than

My opportunity

To walk where I have ran

From obligation free

I want nothing

Yet must take time

Never loving

This life of mine

I want

To lie and bask

Though fear will always haunt

I want nothing more than to ask

Zanze: Drinking Mate

Hanging out and drinking mate

Sharing Yerba with many friends.

Keep your skinny foam whipped latte,

I’d rather have that mate cleanse.

Hanging out and drinking

In bars is fine I guess.

Only my opinion,

But mate is the best.

Hanging out and

Spending time with

Friends on the sand,

Always a gift.


Out drinking late

Mate party banging

Hanging out and drinking mate.


Personal Blog: Icarus

I feel today like Icarus.

Though I found my wings with them I have flown too high, too fast and with no heed to that which lies beneath me.

Now as the wax melts, and my feathers float from my arms one at a time. I see each one and acknowledge how far it has carried me.

I weep, not because I am falling, but because I know that for a moment I was free, and that freedom may never come again.

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