Rhyming Couplets – Old Clothes

My socks are full of holes My jackets torn to bits Water seeps through soles Most of my clothes don’t fit I really should replace them But can’t admit their done I do my best to sew and mend The clothes I got from mum She had a better sense of style Than ever I... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Leaving Youth

Do we outgrow youth or leave it behind Forgetting all, but the most important And of purpose remaining ignorant Until returning to presence of mind Age is a number which can often blind The markers of others irrelevant And emulation is mismanagement Of time, which once lost you can never find Is one an individual... Continue Reading →

Zanze – Create

For I create, therefore I am Infinite possibility This existence is my exam The test of my ability For I create, therefore I am as I have been Life calls you can’t ignore The sights that you have seen For I create The world around And demonstrate That I have found For I Give not... Continue Reading →


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