Rhyming Couplets – Old Clothes

My socks are full of holes
My jackets torn to bits
Water seeps through soles
Most of my clothes don’t fit

I really should replace them
But can’t admit their done
I do my best to sew and mend
The clothes I got from mum

She had a better sense of style
Than ever I could hope
I wear old clothes and smile
Because they help me cope


Sonnet – Leaving Youth

Do we outgrow youth or leave it behind
Forgetting all, but the most important
And of purpose remaining ignorant
Until returning to presence of mind

Age is a number which can often blind
The markers of others irrelevant
And emulation is mismanagement
Of time, which once lost you can never find

Is one an individual by choice
On a divergent path striding alone
So unused to the sound of their own voice
That when the time comes for heading home

A swift return offers little rejoice
No, this life is forever meant to roam.


Zanze – Create

For I create, therefore I am
Infinite possibility
This existence is my exam
The test of my ability

For I create, therefore
I am as I have been
Life calls you can’t ignore
The sights that you have seen

For I create
The world around
And demonstrate
That I have found

For I
Give not a damn
I continue to try
I create, therefore I am.


Villanelle – Pause

When did you last press pause?
Did you get the reprieve you required?
Did you overcome your flaws?

Escaping from enormous jaws
Of demons made of fire
When did you last press pause

Did you feel you had just cause
Or did you just feel you were tired?
Did you overcome your flaws?

No one to offer an applause
Or to tell you you’re admired
When did you last press pause?

Is your reason just because
From your work you have retired
When did you last press pause
To try and overcome your flaws?



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