A Bloody Disgrace

“Would you look at that it’s ridiculous!” “Aye” “Imagine cutting the grass like that.” “Ah, know” “That field used to be looked after.” “Ah, know” “They cut it when it’s raining.” “Ah, know” “Now look, a bloody disgrace” “Ah, know” “It’s those kids I’m saying.” "Ah hear you hen.” “Are you listening?” “Aye.” “It’s those … Continue reading A Bloody Disgrace


Sunday 3rd January 2016 – 16:31

Life is for all men consistent, if in only that life is ongoing and chaotic. It has been four days since my world changed last and yet while the change affects me in no other way than by association, I am no less affected than if the diagnoses of colon cancer were my own. I … Continue reading Sunday 3rd January 2016 – 16:31