Zanze: Under Your Skin

Under your skin, those blue-ish veins
The blood flowing through them contains
A protein with four iron atoms
It has been this way since Adam

Under your skin, those blue
Lines of iron run through
Iron made in the heart
Of a dying star, it’s end your start

Under your skin,
And from the stars
It travels far

Unique couture
Your body, grown, contains
Under your skin those blue-ish veins


Free Verse – I Saw You

I saw you
For the first time in years.
We haven’t spoken;
Since I told you how I felt
About you.

You looked tired
And…distracted, like the world around you
Didn’t exist, your feet
Taking you forwards
Without thought.

Your face has more lines
Like pages in a book,
I want to read
Each of them aloud
To hear your story.

Because to me
You are as beautiful
As the first day you sat beside me
And though we rarely ever spoke
I enjoyed your company.

You may have turned me down
But I have no regrets
For telling you
How I felt
About you.


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