Forever Distracted By Life

Welcome to Forever Distracted By Life:

This blog is the online portfolio and main sharing space of writer DS Coremans.

This blog started as a infrequently used writing space, most of the posts being of a personal nature. DS committed himself to the practice of writing, when he began to study writing full-time in 2018. This blog began to reshape itself as a space for sharing works of creative writing.

Now this blog is intended primarily as a portfolio of work. It will also remain a regular content blog, with works of poetry and fiction being shared with posts intended to create opportunities for other writers to collaboratively write together.

About the Blog Author:

Darren Syme (DS) Coremans was born in 1989. His parents youngest son, but not by much his twin brother being born only 13.5 minutes earlier than him. DS also has an older brother who he has shared a flat with for many years.

As well as being a full-time student of writing, DS is a full-time carer and guardian for his twin-brother who he now supports in their parent’s house.

Prior to writing DS worked in both the fields of care and education. With a background in ASN support, DS found working in Support for Learning in schools to be a very rewarding career for many years. DS also spent time running a few projects as a care coordinator, before to returning to full -time academia in 2018 to pursue a career in the creative industries.



Personal Blog:


Version 2



Other Work by DS Coremans:

As well as the writing shared on this blog, DS runs a regular posting fantasy fiction web-serial called The Phoenix Pantheon. This ambitious project is a work that DS has been planning for over ten years, and is a multi-arc collection of stories which all exist within one created universe.

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