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About the Blog Author:


Born in 1989, Blog Author DS Coremans has lived in and around his home town of Stirling, Scotland his whole life. He is the 3rd son of James and and Tes, both of whom still reside in the same address DS grew up in. DS has an on older brother who is six years his senior, and a twin brother who is 13.5 minutes older.

Until the summer of 2016, DS lived in the city centre of Stirling, with his older brother PJ and their two cats Cameron and Munro. In January of 2016, it was discovered that James had developed Cancer, and would require a long period of treatment and recovery.

DS’s twin brother has Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus, he is also wheelchair bound and reliant on James and Tes for his day to day care needs. When James first became unwell, DS and PJ decided to give up their flat, and move home to support the rest of the family.

A year on from diagnosis, James is doing really well, his recovery is still slow going, but he is happily back into the routine he enjoys, and DS and PJ are now co-living between their parents house and their new flat just outside of Stirling.

Blog Author DS Coremans (Jan, 2016):


About the Blog:

As an aspiring creative type, I often found myself dreaming about projects that I wanted to try, but somehow never found time for. In my early twenties, I allowed myself to get caught up in ‘the future’ forever pushing to become more than I was, without ever truly stopping to assess who I had become.

It was the meeting of a kindred spirit which changed my life for the better, as she brought me back to the present, before managing to convince me to throw caution to the wind and let the creative side of myself burst out, and thus ‘Forever Distracted by Life’ was born.

I over simplify the the way that things came about, (a failed blog, and a two year delay in actually starting the project were a big part of the next few years,) but the concept was there. A space to write, discuss and explore creatively all of the things I had wished to achieve. As well as the adoption of a new mantra, ‘Live each day, as if your life has just begun’ finally led to the blog you see before you.

Primarily Forever Distracted by Life, is a space for me to gather my thoughts, to reflect on aspects of my life and above all to share my creative side with the world. It will be a space for writings about my life, my experiences and also for works of fiction which are part of a greater writing project, ‘the Phoenix Project’ that I wish to undertake.

As I begin to develop the project further, my hope is to see the blog evolve into an extension of the universe I have been writing notes on for the past ten years. But as always, there will be distractions along the way, there will be long pauses between posts, and probably some more changes to the aesthetics of the blog .

I look forward to developing this project, in the meantime, if you have any questions, please just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Many Thanks,

DS Coremans


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