Villanelle – Hidden in the Dark

It is still; dark outside,
no signs of morning
and in darkness we hide

or new secrets confide
which contain a warning:
It is still dark outside.

In the shadows, my pride
feels more like mourning
and in darkness we hide.

I regret that I lied;
now to God I am turning.
It is still dark outside

but I have chosen my side.
Now my fate; I am learning
while it is still dark outside
and in the darkness we hide.


Picture Used Taken: Skye, Scotland (April, 2010) ©DSCoremans

Free Verse – Questions Like These

Was I ever ever good at my job?
I’d like to think I was;
but the further removed I have become
from a desk that was never mine,
no matter how much I clung to it,
has left me with questions
to which I have no answer.


Limerick – Pride

There once was a time when I cried;
I said “I was fine,” but I lied.
I needed support
but felt truly ignored;
now I know to be proud of my Pride.


Senryu – #indyref2

Without people’s will;
Independence cannot come
Soon enough for us.


Picture Used Taken: Stirling, Scotland (November, 2016) ©DSCoremans

Senryu – Politics

Government has failed
To provide; for the nation
Trusted politics.


Picture Used Taken: London, England (June, 2007) ©DSCoremans

Sonnet – #indyref2

Chaos; their downfall and their sordid shield,
this small government of one trick ponies.
Inexperienced, out of touch phonies;
who grasp a fiery sword too hot to wield

This cabinet lacks experts of the field;
all opportunists or Johnson’s cronies.
Waste of nation’s time on ceremonies;
another option most found unappealing

and while Corbyn’s loss may be Starmer’s gain
will this new party change, or stay the same.
Let’s hope they oppose in more than just name
and cast off their antisemitic shame.

If labour cannot show that they have healed
Then Independent Scotland’s fate is sealed.


Picture Used Taken: Stirling, Scotland (November, 2016) ©DSCoremans

Villanelle – A Forgotten Friendship

I think of the many times I have sought
your company; my desire before any other
I accept, it may seem that I forgot.

You and the joy which you begot,
a gift; giving me a chance to discover.
I think of the many times I have sought

something which to my life you brought
without ever being asked by another
I accept, it may seem that I forgot.

Now by confusion I have been caught;
the route I have taken I can’t uncover
I think of the many times I have sought

A friendship like yours, which can’t be bought;
and value unknown, until it was over.
I think of the many times I have sought
I accept, it may seem that I forgot.


Picture Used Taken: Florida, USA (September, 2008) ©DSCoremans

Shape Poem – Learn

try to find
new challenges,
ways in which to grow
or the chance to explore.
Life begins anew each day;
a chance to live the life you want.
When possible, perhaps remember;
live each day like your life has just begun.
Impress yourself; before another
be bloody, bold and resolute.
Try to live by these lessons,
without faulting failure.
Find a strong network.
Learn from mistakes.
Ask questions.


Picture Used Taken: Carnoustie, Scotland (May, 2018) ©DSCoremans

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