Verse Form: Ash Upon The Ground

The ash tracks the ground Where I stood, where I stand   The fall makes no sound Misunderstood, misunderstand   A circle surround I understood, I understand   That the ash marks the ground Where I stood, and where I stand   2020©DSCoremans

Free Verse: I will remember,

as I’m sure others will a time when world leaders, tried hard to kill Democracy, People, Freedom For Austerity, for a cause For a reason. But I will remember, for history belongs to them, to those who remember not to those who wrote it. #AmWriting #TwitterPoetry at #FoDiByLi 2019©DSCoremans

Villanelle: Burning Bridges

May the bridges I have burned light the way My sorrow burning brightly like the sun May the sky of night turn into day May the lovers I have spurned walk away Carefully crossing chasms over which I run May the bridges I have burned light the way May the people I have crossed hear... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Turn It Off, Then On Again

“Have you tried turning it off, then back on?” “Aye son, gonnae help me fix ma TV?” “Okay. Can you tell me what you can see?” “A cannae see a ‘hing. The pictures goan.” “Can you see the serial number shown?” “Ye mean they daft scribbles? They’re far too wee. Ah thought you said you... Continue Reading →

Villanelle: Holding a Child

Does the fear of holding a child reside in others as it does myself Resisting responsibility to provide protection An unread book gathering dust on a shelf   To never father a child is like an unspent wealth Yet I am not ready to provide beyond my preservation Does the fear of holding a child... Continue Reading →

Diamante: Ready/Not Ready

Ready Prepared and stable Learning, waiting, developing Centred and secure. Scared and confused. Overthinking, panicking, resisting Disorganised and erratic Not Ready 2019©DSCoremans

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