Free Verse: Honourable Intentions

I have very little to say That I haven't already Said before. I cannot think straight. Cannot focus On anything Besides the darkness. I am lost. I am lost. I am looking For something I do not know. I tried to explain Why I hated my job And I couldn't. You see it's not the... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: Have You Ever Been Lost?

Have you ever been lost? I remember a time With my parents For the life of me, I don’t remember when or where. What I do remember Is the moment I looked around And realised I was alone. In the middle of a busy crowd Of course I wasn’t alone. Yet the people Were part... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: Why I Write

I write For all the wrong reasons. I have So much within me That I want to write, But never feel able To transfer to paper. When I am at my best I throw myself Into all things Which require it, Leaving no time For something As trivial as writing. When I’m busy Writing feels... Continue Reading →

Personal Blog: Over Reacting

The Following is an extract from my Personal Log: Unknown Date (Between 06.09.14 - 12.04.15) I overreact to things. I already knew this about myself. But… For the first time in the longest time, I had a dream which I remember. I received a gift from an old family friend, a calendar with precious pictures... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: A Mother

A daughter, sister, friend and a lover, She was all of this before a mother. From a child she became a woman grown Her precious time was rarely spent alone.   Inherently passionate and caring, Above all else she was kind and sharing, Of her love, her time and all she could give, Through the... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Hear the Silence

Sometimes the silence is too difficult To listen to, to hear, to acknowledge It can be filled, but it always returns Every return harder to filter.   Each time that you are forced to acknowledge, That the only voice, for that you listen, Is the voice you must accept, you cannot Hear again, as it... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: A Family in Need

I seem to sleep when I should be awake, I dream rather than live reality. Unconsciousness offers me amnesty, From duty, and the decisions I make   One after another. I fear a break, In our relationship. I disagree, And so I must fight you to guarantee My family get all that they can take.... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Goodbye Mother

The difference between sickness and death, The same as breathing and that final breath. Remarkable in its finality, Comfort and grief, a strange duality.   From my world of hurt, pain unlike any other Repress the pain of losing a mother. It cannot be done I have come to learn To get by yourself you... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: Coming Home

As part of my course, I have been developing my writing skills, in particular, we have been looking at short fiction. The following is my first attempt at crafting a piece of Horror flash-fiction capped at 500 words. Coming Home by D.S.Coremans Shock and surprise adorned the face of the dead man who lay in... Continue Reading →

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