Article – Dancing On My Own

The DJ’s set began at 9:30pm. The Disco/House/Techno beats are banging and as lively as the DJ himself, whose body ripples and pulses in time with each track. Wine in hand I join the dance floor early, standing alone in the centre of the dark room I begin to move along with him, mirroring his... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – War & Peace

Are you at peace, with the war between us; How many more battles must we begin? We fight a war neither of us can win And while it would seem that this is obvious Still instead of feelings we create fuss. Yet I am drawn in, much to my chagrin Long before I can take... Continue Reading →

Diamante – Peace/War

Peace Calm and collected Reasonable, respectable, reliable Can be easily broken, hard to repair Horrible, harrowing, hateful Divisive and dark War 2019©DSCoremans

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