Free Verse – I Saw You

I saw you For the first time in years. We haven’t spoken; Since I told you how I felt About you. You looked tired And…distracted, like the world around you Didn’t exist, your feet Taking you forwards Without thought. Your face has more lines Like pages in a book, I want to read Each of... Continue Reading →

Free Verse – Withdrawal

I withdrew Not noticeably Not at first And those who knew me best Saw me as often as they had before For I was never the social butterfly But I withdrew Because I didn’t earn enough Because I had to work Because I had to study Because I had to care Always did I have... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: I will remember,

as I’m sure others will a time when world leaders, tried hard to kill Democracy, People, Freedom For Austerity, for a cause For a reason. But I will remember, for history belongs to them, to those who remember not to those who wrote it. #AmWriting #TwitterPoetry at #FoDiByLi 2019©DSCoremans

Free Verse: Chaos

I feel like Everything is happening All at once. I can’t tell If the chaos Is abnormal, Or if it is just life? Trying to find “The new normal.” Was there ever A ‘normal’ to begin with? Unanswered questions Far surpass, those to which I can answer with any certainty. I seek clarity, Yet am... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: To The Resident

To the resident/s of flat 15 LFR, At your earliest possible convenience, we would ask that you please remove the bike, which is currently being stored in the mid-stairwell. This stairwell is a main access point and unfortunately the bike makes access to the handrails difficult for people with movement issues, who regularly access the... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: Why I Write II

The most annoying thing About being a writer Is that unless you write, You cannot really consider Yourself to be a writer. I usually write Everything I do At least five or six times In my head Before I ever try To commit to paper. Invariably, This means that a lot Of information Lives in... Continue Reading →

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