Villanelle – A Forgotten Friendship

I think of the many times I have sought
your company; my desire before any other
I accept, it may seem that I forgot.

You and the joy which you begot,
a gift; giving me a chance to discover.
I think of the many times I have sought

something which to my life you brought
without ever being asked by another
I accept, it may seem that I forgot.

Now by confusion I have been caught;
the route I have taken I can’t uncover
I think of the many times I have sought

A friendship like yours, which can’t be bought;
and value unknown, until it was over.
I think of the many times I have sought
I accept, it may seem that I forgot.


Picture Used Taken: Florida, USA (September, 2008) ©DSCoremans

Zanze: Drinking Mate

Hanging out and drinking mate

Sharing Yerba with many friends.

Keep your skinny foam whipped latte,

I’d rather have that mate cleanse.

Hanging out and drinking

In bars is fine I guess.

Only my opinion,

But mate is the best.

Hanging out and

Spending time with

Friends on the sand,

Always a gift.


Out drinking late

Mate party banging

Hanging out and drinking mate.


Free Verse: Getting To Know You

Three times I’ve met you
In the last year
And each time,
I am incredibly glad
I had the opportunity to do so.

The more time I spend around you,
The more time
I want to
Spend with you.

Hours in your company
Never quite seem
Like enough time
And even the topics
Which might otherwise
Be difficult to talk about
Are interesting and fascinating,
Partly because
Your unique view of the world
Challenges my own
And makes me want
To know more
About the world around me.

When I first got in touch,
I did so
Because I couldn’t
Shake the feeling
That you were someone
I would enjoy
Developing a friendship with.

I sat next to you every day
For the best part of a year,
Ten years ago.

Yet I was never able
To chat with you
Beyond trivial greetings.

With hindsight I recognise
That that was due
To an attraction to you
That at the time
I wasn’t able to admit
Even to myself,
And instead presented itself
As a social awkwardness.

I’m still aware
That a part of me feels
That same attraction to you now.

And although I am very happy
To be able to develop
A new friendship with you,
I don’t want to mar
That potential friendship
By misconstruing
Unspoken boundaries.

When we last met
We spoke about life,
And I said,
“That a big part of the last year
Has been about creating opportunities.”

Getting to know you now
Is an opportunity
I am so glad I acted on.

Free Verse: Repent From A High

Forcing down
Those last sips of Gin,
What had been
A powerful high,
Suddenly halted.

The High had been
I had been lucid
And aware,
And oblivious,
Social and internal,

The moment.

That sudden occurring
Of the mood-killing,
Sobering seconds in time.

I suddenly feel
And over-powered
By my own self-doubt.

Did I take my own joke too far?
Was I too immature?
Have I done
Something I should not?

I don’t belong here
In this group, with these people,
Why should I deserve
The support and loyalty
Of these trusted individuals?

Ultimately I ask myself these questions,
But have I need to question?
Have I not done
What is necessary
To belong in this group
With ‘these people?’

There is no doubt in my mind
That I have grown
From the false image
Which I used to present
To others.

I no longer
Continuously have to define
Where I am,
And why I belong there.

It is in these sobering moments,
During the experience,
That I can identify
My still existing insecurities,
And work towards expelling them,
So that I am finally able
To exist
As part of a group,
Physically and mentally,

Sonnet: Struggle

One of the hardest things I have to do,

Is admit when I am finding it tough.

I would rather struggle ever onward,

When life gets harder, or when feeling rough.


If I stop, I may throw in the towel

Giving up not just the worst, but the best

Of me. I feel as though I am drowning,

I would slip under if I stop to rest.


And yet. No. I cannot go on like this.

The struggle I faced to find my voice,

The introspection, and the sleepless nights,

These are the things that have given me choice.


Who I am exactly, I do not know

With time, patience, and friendship I will grow.

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