Zanze: Last Year’s Sparrow

Last year’s Sparrow has returned plump Egg heavy, she builds her first nest No rest until every lump Is removed, and her nest is best. Last year’s Sparrow returned She looks now for a first lover Eager to show what she has learned And ready to be a mother Last year’s Sparrow Sits on her... Continue Reading →


Zanze: When Snow Falls Down

When snow falls down the ground is white And each breath hangs high in the air Be it morning or be it night When snow falls a fresh new layer. When snow falls down the ground Just simply disappears With each fresh step the sound Will dissipate your fears. When snow falls down From high... Continue Reading →

Picture Prompt: Nature

The Challenge: Using this picture as inspiration write a poem or piece of flash-fiction. There are no set themes or genres, just write if you feel inspired to do so. If you feel happy sharing your work, please paste it along with a link to your own work in the comments section and I will... Continue Reading →

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