Zanze: Drinking Mate

Hanging out and drinking mate

Sharing Yerba with many friends.

Keep your skinny foam whipped latte,

I’d rather have that mate cleanse.

Hanging out and drinking

In bars is fine I guess.

Only my opinion,

But mate is the best.

Hanging out and

Spending time with

Friends on the sand,

Always a gift.


Out drinking late

Mate party banging

Hanging out and drinking mate.


Zanze: Childhood

As children we are told not to

Do this, do that and other things

Rarely offered reason or truth;

We instead take what is given.

As children we are told

We can do anything,

And though this makes us bold;

Life always reigns us in.

As children we

Take what is given,

Expect things free

Our own heaven.

As child

Like as in youth

Sensibilities wild

As children we are told not to.


Zanze: Your Words

Your words poison my heart and mind.

You give no thought to what you say;

Solace in meaning hard to find.

For that which I regret I pray.

Your words poison my heart,

Just as they did back then.

Love was neither the start;

Nor predictable end.

Your words poison


They are noise in

My worshiping.

Your words

Sound unrefined;

The song of tuneless birds.

Your words poison my heart and mind.


Zanze: You Send Me Texts

Zanze: You Send Me Texts
By DS Coremans

You send me texts which make me smile
Before I have even read them.
Each text I wait for, worth the while
Your wit to me a hidden gem.

You send me texts which make
Me want to know you more
I fear my own mistake
Is proving I’m a bore.

You send me texts,
And I am hexed,
I every way.

You send
Words of such style
I don’t want them to end.
You send me texts which make me smile.


Zanze: Does Love Belong

Does love belong within your life?
I am unsure I have the right,
As love has cut me like a knife.
Alone, I have no strength to fight.

Does love belong within,
The confines of your heart.
Hoarding it feels like sin;
I cannot seem to part.

Does love belong
To you or me?
I may be wrong,
But love is free.

Does love,
Cause you strife,
And little else above?
Does love belong within your life?

2019 © DS Coremans

Free Verse: Have You Ever Been Lost?

Have you ever been lost?

I remember a time
With my parents
For the life of me,
I don’t remember when or where.

What I do remember
Is the moment I looked around
And realised
I was alone.

In the middle of a busy crowd
Of course
I wasn’t alone.
Yet the people
Were part of the problem
A busy crowd
Is no place for a lost child.

Too many people
By their journey
From point A
To point B

I panicked,
And the crowd absorbed me,
As fully as my fear.

Neck-snapping from side to side,
I looked to find them,
My parents,
But to my mind
They were gone.

Time passed,
But the dread did not,
It filled me,
Leaking from my eyes
Mixed with falling tears.

A child consumed,
Both physically and
Will shut down
Rooted to the ground,
Rationality removed
From thought, and action
Or lack thereof.


And then,
From in between shoulders,
I could see my Father.
His usually stoic face appeared,
Contorted with fear.
An expression which I was sure,
Was reflected
Upon my own face.

Relief upon my rescue.
Quelled any unease,
Which came when he spoke.

His words were stern,
“Don’t wander off”
But his eyes betrayed his tone.
Relief, the only thing
We both had come to know.

Safety brings comfort,
And once it is felt
Dread is quickly forgotten.

Free Verse: Why I Write

I write
For all the wrong reasons.

I have
So much within me
That I want to write,
But never feel able
To transfer to paper.

When I am at my best
I throw myself
Into all things
Which require it,
Leaving no time
For something
As trivial as writing.

When I’m busy
Writing feels
Like a selfish,
Waste of time.

I write
Mainly for myself,
And rarely share
What I create.

I think
It’s finally time
To admit to myself
Just how unhappy I am.

I am in a position
Where I feel powerless.
Like I’m living a life
That is not my own.
I am powerless
To change anything
Without ruining the lives
Of those around me.

I am
In a position
Where I must choose
Between my own personal happiness,
Or the happiness of my family.

Worst of all,
I don’t even know
If my family
Are truly happy.

They perpetuate
The existence
That they have lived
But for no reason
(That I can see)
Than the fact that
That is the way they have
Always done things.

But if the life I lead
Is not my own,
Then the decisions
That I may have
The power to make,
Are not just my decisions.

As long
As my family need me
To sacrifice
Myself for them,
I must do so,
Without hesitation.

For it is only when they
Are able to see the need
To free us all
From the situation
They hold us in,
That we will ever
Truly be free.

Without the blessing
And agreement
Of the family,
We can never move on
Or apart,
As the structure
Which we currently have
Will never return
Once abandoned.

And while we will no longer
Be bound by responsibility,
We will still remain
Bound by guilt.

Free Verse: Getting To Know You

Three times I’ve met you
In the last year
And each time,
I am incredibly glad
I had the opportunity to do so.

The more time I spend around you,
The more time
I want to
Spend with you.

Hours in your company
Never quite seem
Like enough time
And even the topics
Which might otherwise
Be difficult to talk about
Are interesting and fascinating,
Partly because
Your unique view of the world
Challenges my own
And makes me want
To know more
About the world around me.

When I first got in touch,
I did so
Because I couldn’t
Shake the feeling
That you were someone
I would enjoy
Developing a friendship with.

I sat next to you every day
For the best part of a year,
Ten years ago.

Yet I was never able
To chat with you
Beyond trivial greetings.

With hindsight I recognise
That that was due
To an attraction to you
That at the time
I wasn’t able to admit
Even to myself,
And instead presented itself
As a social awkwardness.

I’m still aware
That a part of me feels
That same attraction to you now.

And although I am very happy
To be able to develop
A new friendship with you,
I don’t want to mar
That potential friendship
By misconstruing
Unspoken boundaries.

When we last met
We spoke about life,
And I said,
“That a big part of the last year
Has been about creating opportunities.”

Getting to know you now
Is an opportunity
I am so glad I acted on.

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