Zanze: Where Am I ?

Where am I now? Still lost at sea,

In an ocean of my own tears.

Lost like light on the horizon;

Then returning to sink again.

Where am I now? Still lost.

Have I been here before?

Asking the same questions

And answers do not change.

Where am I now?

I’ll ask again.

I look for


Where am

I going if

Not forward? Ever on.

Where am I now? Lost at sea.

Zanze: Help

I want nothing more than to ask

For help, yet I have no idea

How to start this most painful task

As I must acknowledge my fear

I want nothing more than

My opportunity

To walk where I have ran

From obligation free

I want nothing

Yet must take time

Never loving

This life of mine

I want

To lie and bask

Though fear will always haunt

I want nothing more than to ask

Zanze: Your Words

Your words poison my heart and mind.

You give no thought to what you say;

Solace in meaning hard to find.

For that which I regret I pray.

Your words poison my heart,

Just as they did back then.

Love was neither the start;

Nor predictable end.

Your words poison


They are noise in

My worshiping.

Your words

Sound unrefined;

The song of tuneless birds.

Your words poison my heart and mind.


Zanze: Feeling

Feeling as though I can’t be seen

I am walked through like a doorway

I live a life that has not been

Of my life I am a stow-away.

Feeling as though I can’t

Make any more mistakes

A truth I can’t recant

Too fast to hit the brakes.

Feeling as though

My mind is blank

I want to go

But my heart sank.


A building scream

I find myself kneeling

Feeling as though I can’t be seen.


Sonnet: 8th September 2018

This was the day on which my mother died.

On this day, I learned the meaning of pain

And though time has passed, this hurt will remain

Long after the tears that have fallen dried.

I have forgotten, but I cannot hide

From truth, anymore than I can from shame.

I have lost the one who gave me my name

Taken farther than the waves on a tide.

I believe that I will see her again

Though departed from her physical form

I will still know when my time may come

Already she waits patiently till then

As life without her becomes our new norm

We work hard, to try to remember mum.


Zanze: Fearless II

Fearless I walk towards my fate,
My destination is unknown.
Decisions often made too late,
Create actions hard to atone.

Fearless I walk towards
A decisive moment,
Cutting as though with swords,
The chance at bestowment.

Fearless I walk,
Though I should run
From those who talk,
And hurt someone.

I will wait.
I find myself, peerless,
Fearless I walk towards my fate.

2019 ©DSCoremans

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