Sonnet: Turn It Off, Then On Again

“Have you tried turning it off, then back on?” “Aye son, gonnae help me fix ma TV?” “Okay. Can you tell me what you can see?” “A cannae see a ‘hing. The pictures goan.” “Can you see the serial number shown?” “Ye mean they daft scribbles? They’re far too wee. Ah thought you said you... Continue Reading →

A Sonnet: On the Hills

On the hills behind my home grows gold gorse, Each patch like honey spilled upon the grass. Crossing a creek with water clear like glass, I climb ever onwards, set on my course. Amongst nature I have little remorse. Learning about life as though I’m in class, I study in detail each life that I... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Remember Me

I see you sometimes walking in the street It surprises me to see how you’ve grown As you walk through life comfortably alone I won’t lie, yes, it would have been sweet If you recognised me if we did meet But I accept my part and I have shown All that I can, and all... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Broken

I am many different kinds of broken. Yet when seen through a screen, no-one believes That behind my smile and big words is me This tired person who is almost coping Offered support is a friendly token One with which, I am unsure I agree For offers offer very little real reprieve When you sleep... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Media Trends

Is your life on shuffle or on repeat? Trying to follow each hashtag and tweet. More time spent with followers than friends Obsessing over the media trends. Those viral viewpoints are fast forgotten, Hidden in the history they rot in. Becoming only our ammunition For challenging trivial tradition. For those who are chosen to represent,... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: 8th September 2018

This was the day on which my mother died. On this day, I learned the meaning of pain And though time has passed, this hurt will remain Long after the tears that have fallen dried. I have forgotten, but I cannot hide From truth, anymore than I can from shame. I have lost the one... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Science-Fiction

I would rather it were science-fiction, Than painfully, profound reality. I cannot believe that the world if free, When Poverty, seems like an addiction. Living from one pay-check to the next one, Is a societal sickness. Disagree? When Rent over Food is necessity. How can one plan for what is to come? Recklessly destroyed resources... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Life Unlived

Often I ask, “Am I a good writer?” Internally of course, never out loud. Of nothing I create have I felt proud For my desire, I am not a fighter.   I try to make others lives seem brighter, My personal passion I try to shroud. I may have wants but they are not allowed,... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: A Mother

A daughter, sister, friend and a lover, She was all of this before a mother. From a child she became a woman grown Her precious time was rarely spent alone.   Inherently passionate and caring, Above all else she was kind and sharing, Of her love, her time and all she could give, Through the... Continue Reading →

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