Sonnet – War & Peace

Are you at peace, with the war between us; How many more battles must we begin? We fight a war neither of us can win And while it would seem that this is obvious Still instead of feelings we create fuss. Yet I am drawn in, much to my chagrin Long before I can take... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: This House

In this house in which I have never stayed I am surrounded by my possessions Each in their time my current obsessions The focus I gave them I may have prayed With the toys and objects with which I played Imagination was my profession The quelling of my lonely confession The experience of which I... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Tomorrow or Today

Life has a tendency to pass quickly All too soon tomorrow becomes today When we are young we wish our lives away Until we become older and sickly And when life has laid itself on thickly The overwhelmed fall to their knees and pray Looking to dispel where the clouds are grey Their presence feels... Continue Reading →

Sonnet – Leaving Youth

Do we outgrow youth or leave it behind Forgetting all, but the most important And of purpose remaining ignorant Until returning to presence of mind Age is a number which can often blind The markers of others irrelevant And emulation is mismanagement Of time, which once lost you can never find Is one an individual... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Turn It Off, Then On Again

“Have you tried turning it off, then back on?” “Aye son, gonnae help me fix ma TV?” “Okay. Can you tell me what you can see?” “A cannae see a ‘hing. The pictures goan.” “Can you see the serial number shown?” “Ye mean they daft scribbles? They’re far too wee. Ah thought you said you... Continue Reading →

A Sonnet: On the Hills

On the hills behind my home grows gold gorse, Each patch like honey spilled upon the grass. Crossing a creek with water clear like glass, I climb ever onwards, set on my course. Amongst nature I have little remorse. Learning about life as though I’m in class, I study in detail each life that I... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Remember Me

I see you sometimes walking in the street It surprises me to see how you’ve grown As you walk through life comfortably alone I won’t lie, yes, it would have been sweet If you recognised me if we did meet But I accept my part and I have shown All that I can, and all... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Broken

I am many different kinds of broken. Yet when seen through a screen, no-one believes That behind my smile and big words is me This tired person who is almost coping Offered support is a friendly token One with which, I am unsure I agree For offers offer very little real reprieve When you sleep... Continue Reading →

Sonnet: Media Trends

Is your life on shuffle or on repeat? Trying to follow each hashtag and tweet. More time spent with followers than friends Obsessing over the media trends. Those viral viewpoints are fast forgotten, Hidden in the history they rot in. Becoming only our ammunition For challenging trivial tradition. For those who are chosen to represent,... Continue Reading →

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