Zanze: Under Your Skin

Under your skin, those blue-ish veins The blood flowing through them contains A protein with four iron atoms It has been this way since Adam Under your skin, those blue Lines of iron run through Iron made in the heart Of a dying star, it’s end your start Under your skin, Hemoglobin And from the... Continue Reading →

Zanze – That Shirt

That shirt is louder than my laugh Which really is saying something Your style as divisive as math And effortlessly disgusting That shirt is louder than Anything I have seen You just don’t give a damn Ignoring any mean That shirt is loud And you don’t care You stand so proud As people stare That... Continue Reading →

Zanze: What is?

What is it that you want from life? To be free from indecision; Or children, a husband, a wife. Free to choose without derision. What is it that you want? Don’t make me keep asking. Why would you rather flaunt, A past with no action. What is it that, Keeps you awake; Makes you pick... Continue Reading →

Zanze – Create

For I create, therefore I am Infinite possibility This existence is my exam The test of my ability For I create, therefore I am as I have been Life calls you can’t ignore The sights that you have seen For I create The world around And demonstrate That I have found For I Give not... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Ready or Not

I do not think I am ready Yet still I find myself doing Finding balance, left unsteady A bite too much, still I’m chewing I do not think I am Living true to myself Giving all that I can My time. My Life. My Health. I do not think But I react Words said, the... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Scream

Scream like no-one is listening Cry like no-one will ever see The way you feel is exhausting And is all you will ever be Scream like no-one listens You will hear no answer Like dew on grass glistens A lost back-up dancer Scream like no-one Before you has Once you’ve begun You’ll learn to laugh... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Money

Money. It makes the world go round, or so I’ve heard some people say; But it does not grow from the ground poor people work hard for poor pay. Money. Makes the world go, crazy that we let it. It can’t make the grass grow, But we can’t forget it. Money. The world Do foolish... Continue Reading →

Free Verse: My Hands Look Older

Today, I looked at my hands, And they looked older Than I remembered Ever seeing before. The skin is looser, colder. The veins underneath, The surface Of a thinner flesh, More visible and pronounced. Where once the pages Of this book were blank, Now I find them Lined, With marks, Where the story of my... Continue Reading →

Zanze: Déjà Vu

All of my mornings start the same As all others have come before. Before I have time to complain, I have already been ignored.    All of my mornings start Before I am ready; I try to play my part And keep myself steady.   All my mornings Will slowly drift. Despite warnings, This low... Continue Reading →

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