19th May 2017

One year ago today, I was at the very beginning of a metal breakdown that led me to write this. I shared it on Facebook at the time, but the words seem so powerful still that I wanted to share them again. This time as a reflection, and a reminder of where I have come … Continue reading 19th May 2017


College Application

I just pressed 'Send'. I’ve been putting this off since January. I kept finding things I ‘needed to do’ first. After a while I realised I had written it time and time again in my head. I was putting it off because until I pressed send there was always the possibility that I could get … Continue reading College Application

A Bloody Disgrace

“Would you look at that it’s ridiculous!” “Aye” “Imagine cutting the grass like that.” “Ah, know” “That field used to be looked after.” “Ah, know” “They cut it when it’s raining.” “Ah, know” “Now look, a bloody disgrace” “Ah, know” “It’s those kids I’m saying.” "Ah hear you hen.” “Are you listening?” “Aye.” “It’s those … Continue reading A Bloody Disgrace